They broke the mold after "Sweet Baby" James was born.  No one sang like him, and no one talked like him either!  He was incredibly charming and hilarious, even when saying the most wildly inappropriate stuff.  Somehow, he always got away with it--maybe because his love of life, people and laughter was so infectious.  Or maybe because people would think they must have heard wrong!

A proper listing of "Baby James-isms" would be too risqué for an all-ages website like this one.  But below is a sampling of some of the tamer ones.  If you knew James and can think of other Baby James-isms to add to the list, please include those in an email to this website.


"Allriiiight, Killah!" 

"You oughta be whipped!" 

"[Your name]: Heart breaker, Bed Shaker, Baby Maker!"

"We’ll be R-A-T, rat back!" 

"Baby, I’d drink your bathwater!" 

"Slow down now; ya like a monkey makin’ love to a football!"